My goal with this blog is to introduce you to new authors, a little bit about their books, share some writing tips and toss in some delicious gluten free recipes. So come in, kick off your shoes and get comfy. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Steeped in a rich family history, I have always been drawn to the courageous lives of the women who lived through the hardships of the past and triumphed.

A transplant from Oklahoma where I grew up on a farm just one mile away from where my great-grandparents settled in the land run, I now lives in the enchanted land of New Mexico and have a running competition with my dad on who can grow the tallest hollyhocks. Books and tales of ancestors were staples in my life and I fell in love with history. Enthralled with the short stories my grandmother wrote and passed down, I took the plunge (with encouragement from hubby and kids) into the world of writing. And am now hooked. My inspiration comes from research into the family tree and their interesting lives.

Currently I have three books published and plan on more this year.  Thank you for visiting.  


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