Splintered Lies is on sale today!!!!!!!!!!!

Detective Rissa Marten sacrificed her only chance for a normal life to put a drug lord behind bars. Now, her life in the shadows has to be brought to life to save the man she has secretly loved for years. With a price on her head can she risk letting him know? Detective Jerah Qassem has built his career as an undercover agent in the dangerous world of drug cartels. But when a ghost from his past is resurrected can he overcome his bitterness in time to save her life?


Shotgun Bride goes on sale tomorrow Dec 13th.

A surprise inheritance brings Kathleen Barnes a host of dangers, an unwanted husband, and a chance to start over. Saddled with a bride he didn’t choose, who has a knack for landing in the middle of trouble, Mike Baca is forced into a private war. Is this a forced marriage doomed to fail, or will this be an opportunity for both to have a shot at a new life together?