Today I have Angela Archer and her new release “The Woman On The Painted Horse.”


A young woman defying the laws of her country, a young man hungry with 
greed and power, a brave soul who falls in love with one he shouldn’t; 
all three caught in a country divided by war and a forbidden love torn 
apart by blackmail and disparity.

Alexandra Monroe is a slave smuggler, smuggling slaves north where they 
can live as free people. Her crime is sedition and her punishment, if 
caught, is death. The daughter of one of the wealthiest men in 
Montgomery, Alexandra lives a life not by her own accord, but a life she 
willingly accepts for her secret quest to save the lives of slaves. Her 
ultimate sacrifice is to marry the town’s most eligible bachelor, Thomas 
Ludlow—who has deadly secrets of his own.

One afternoon, Alexandra comes face to face with handsome William 
Graysden. Although, forbidden for his Creek Indian heritage, he 
captivates her. They fascinate one another, and ultimately find in each 
other a bond they don’t wish to ignore. After a series of events; 
however, William must face the choice to continue the dangerous pursuit 
of Alexandra’s affections or forget about her.

Sound like a wonderful story, Angela. I look forward to reading it.  Here is a bigger taste of her book. 


The mind thinks. It schemes, plots ideas for rebellion, winning a war, 
or committing crimes. It organizes, planning for crops, arranging 
parties, or entertaining guests. It speculates, questioning the reasons 
of why, where, who, what, and how. It comprehends answers, understands 
ramifications, and finds solutions. It develops through experience, and 
becomes intrigued with finding the answers it seeks—soaking up 
information like dry soil soaks up water.

The mind thinks.

But, the heart feels. It feels love, happiness, sadness, and loss. The 
heart does not think. It does not question or reason. It senses emotion, 
experiences pleasure, suffers pain, and bears heartache. It fights with 
the mind in a constant agonizing war endured every day between emotion 
and logic, a battle over what lies at one’s own feet, the unknown or the 
known, the chance or the risk. The heart dwells only in emotion, an 
emotion with unbridled motivation, and it stirs within people a vastness 
the mind could never grasp.

My thoughts written on the pages of my journal bordered chaotic, just 
mindless rambles regarding the time spent with William and Thomas. 
Through the chaos, though, my excitement over whom was obvious. The 
heart won. It spilled its wish, its desire.

The heart spoke and the mind was silent.



Angela Christina Archer is a Historical Fiction/Romance writer. Living 
on a ranch in Oklahoma, she spends her days enjoying the outdoors with 
her husband and children, riding and showing horses, gardening, chasing 
around her many farm animals, and of course, putting her passion to pen 
and paper.

Born in Nevada, Angela and her husband made the bold choice to move 
halfway across the United States, away from all they knew. They have no 
regrets and have never looked back. Life on a farm can be hectic with 
children, horses, a dog, a cat, chickens, goats, and the summer frogs 
that love to take up residence in her backyard, but she wouldn’t have it 
any other way.


You can find Angel at the following links. Be sure to check them out. Thank you Angela for sharing your book with us.