EffiesOutlaw2_850 - Copy (850x1362) (2)Today we are going to get to know the hero of Effie’s Outlaw, Alex, a little better. But first, let me remind you to visit my book tour for a chance to win prizes! Links are below.

Tell me, Alex, what was the best thing you enjoyed while back East?

Alex: Hot water was brought to my room whenever I wanted. That was pure luxury.

What was the worst part of being in Boston?

Alex: Too many people. They were everywhere! All the time.

What is your favorite thing about the West?

Alex: The open spaces and few folks.

What is the worst bit about living in the West?

Alex: The lack of amenities for EffieIt’d be nice if there was an opera to take her too sometimes.

What do you recommend that a cowboy do to get a girl?

Alex: Kidnapping one worked out well for me. Just don’t get caught.

What’s the one thing, besides Effie, that you can’t live without?

Alex: That’d be two things. My horse and my Colt.

Describe Effie in three words.

Alex. Loveable, courageous, spirited.

Thank you, Alex. It has been a pleasure talking with you.


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