TheNunAndTheNarc2_850Today I’d like to welcome Catherine Castle and introduce her book “The Nun & The Narc”  I love that title. And congratulations on your release. Now let’s get right to some trivia about her characters.

First, let me say, “Thanks, Karen, for having me and my characters on your blog today. I hope everyone enjoys the peek into the world of Sister Margaret Mary and Jed.

This first question is for the sister. What is your favorite job at the convent, Sister?

Because I like to garden, I get to tend the flower and vegetable beds on the convent grounds. I’m also still young enough to get down on my knees, unlike some of the sisters, which comes in handy weeding since the convent garden beds aren’t raised beds.

Sister Margaret Mary, there are a lot of James Bond references in this book. Can you tell us why?

I’m on the run from drug dealers with a guy who has a British accent and introduces himself as, “Bond. Jed Bond.” What would you think of an introduction like that? Besides, James Bond was a big part of growing up for me. Mom loved James Bond movies, especially the ones with Sean Connery. She thought it was a hoot that her married last name, O’Conner, was so close to the stage name of her movie hero. She even named my brother Sean after Connery. Luckily, Dad thought her obsession with James was cute.

This question is for Jed. Have you always been a DEA undercover agent and why did you join the DEA?

I come from a long line of cops, but I’m the first undercover agent in the family. I started out as FBI undercover agent. I joined the DEA because of my father—a drug user killed him. So I decided to join the DEA and help stop the madness.

Sister, in the book you eat something called chapulines. Can you tell us about this delicacy?

Chapulines is Spanish for grasshoppers, also called crickets. These insects are a common food in the Oaxaca, Mexico area. One of the earliest references of eating chapulines dates back to the Spanish conquest in the mid 16th century.  Chapulines are usually toasted and sprinkled with garlic, lime juice and salt containing an extract of agave worms. They have a sour-spicy-salty taste. Sometimes they are used for taco filling. The ones I ate were skewered, deep fried, and covered in chili powder. They are low in fat, high in protein and crunchy.


Where novice Sister Margaret Mary goes, trouble follows. When she barges into a drug deal the local Mexican drug lord captures her. To escape she must depend on undercover DEA agent Jed Bond. Jed’s attitude toward her is exasperating, but when she finds herself inexplicable attracted to him he becomes more dangerous than the men who have captured them, because he is making her doubt her decision to take her final vows. Escape back to the nunnery is imperative, but life at the convent, if she can still take her final vows, will never be the same.

Nuns shouldn’t look, talk, act, or kiss like Sister Margaret Mary O’Connor—at least that’s what Jed Bond thinks. She hampers his escape plans with her compulsiveness and compassion and in the process makes Jed question his own beliefs. After years of walling up his emotions in an attempt to become the best agent possible, Sister Margaret is crumbling Jed’s defenses and opening his heart. To lure her away from the church would be unforgivable—to lose her unbearable.

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Author Bio:

 Catherine Castle has been writing all her life. Before beginning her career as a romance writer she worked part-time as a freelance writer. She has over 600 articles and photographs to her credit, under her real name, in the Christian and secular market. Besides writing, Catherine loves traveling with her husband, singing, and attending theatre. In the winter she loves to quilt and has a lot of UFOs (unfinished objects) in her sewing case. In the summer her favorite place to be is in her garden. She’s passionate about gardening and even won a “Best Hillside Garden” award from the local gardening club.

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