Today I’d like to take you on a brief journey into my current WIP.  EFFIE’S OUTLAW.

It is a story about an U.S. Deputy and a disgruntled heiress.  He is working undercover to find a crooked lawman who is passing information to a gang of train and bank robbers. She is on her way across county, alone, to confront her brother-in-law and present evidence of embezzlement of her fortune.  Here is a little bit of their first exchange, just after she has been abducted by the gang.


The charging group of outlaws slowed and a whiff of wood smoke laced the air. In the distance, three rapid shots reverberated throughout the dense forest. Return fire answered. Effie jumped.

“Do exactly as I say and stay close.” The deep timbre of her abductor’s voice carried a sense of urgency.

Cold sweat drenched her and a shudder cramped her muscles as the outlaws burst out of the trees, into a bowl-shaped clearing. A rickety cabin stood alone among the backdrop of pines. Wagons, one of which looked similar to a rolling house, pots and utensils hung haphazardly, occupied the center. Wild yells of victory greeted them.

“Remember, stick close and keep your mouth shut.” Her captor pulled up several yards from the others.

Dropped off the mustang on trembling legs, Effie fell to her knees. Lips tight, she shoved herself up, whirled around, and got her toes stepped on for the effort.

“You oaf. How dare you—”