Does a blank screen on your word processor scare you or excite you? I hope it excites you. That means you are ready to write something. Anything. A story, a poem, a memoir about your family or just a favorite recipe. There is lots of advise and rules out there that a little research on the internet will show. But for that first blank page don’t worry about those. Just write it. Get your idea down. That is the first step to a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Even if you don’t have visions of becoming published, you are still flying high.IMG_1955

On my journey to published author, I had to stop just starting the stories that clamored like a flock of grackles in my head and decide to put them in some sort of order and finish one at a time. Which I had a little help doing during a meeting with other writers.  After being asked what I was working on and I replied several projects, one woman crossed her arms and said

finger point“You have to finish one.”  That was the kick-in-the-pants advice I needed. So now, I encourage you to set down and finish something that you started. Print it out and hang it on the wall, put it in a notebook to share with you friends and family or start that dreaded editing process and kick it out into the wild world.

Now I have one book published, another sent off to my editor, (fingers crossed) and one entered in a contest. Now it is time to tackle the next one. It is a story about how a young woman with a horrific past learns to let it go and a man with a  love ’em and leave ’em attitude who struggles to change. In the weeks ahead I will share some of their story and get this one finished.

What are you writing?