Today is a brand new start for me. It’s my first blog. So come in and let’s get started. My goal is to introduce you to authors, share a part of my life, and try to give you some tips on the craft of writing. Toady I’ll start with me. Don’t roll your eye’s I’ll make it short. I am a daughter, wife, and mother. I grew up in small town America and still live there. Big cities, and by my standards 100,000 people is big, are fascinating but not where I’d chose to live. Give me lots and lots of elbow room. I’m a newly published author and still scratching my head over how to market a book. I’d much rather just sit at my desk and type out all the ideas that run through my head. Although some nights I really wish they’d shut up and just let me sleep. But, in truth, I love it.

Now, a little about my journey to getting published. It all started one day when my kids and I trudged home from our local library with no books. We’d read almost every genre of fiction on their shelves and stood around looking at each other wondering what to do with ourselves. Reading was a necessity in our lives. And I’ll admit, living in small towns doesn’t provide a large stock of books. It is financially impossible for them. And, yes I know we can order any book in the system, but that often took months to get one book and that wasn’t enough to feed our appetites. So, my oldest daughter and I both picked up a pen and took our frustrations out in a notebook. And guess what? Before we knew it, we each had written a book. Now don’t get too excited. They weren’t up to industry standards. I soon realized that even though the words and ideas were good, I had a long way to go and a lot more to learn. So, I took online classes and kept at it. That, I believe it one of the major keys. Don’t quit. Learn from what others tell you . Stay true to your vision, but always be willing to listen.

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